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Our approach to the market

Talk to Commercial Finance Direct Ltd  – With over 40 yrs experience within the finance & banking industry.

- We offer a free consultation with our clients to discuss their next 12 month investment plans

- We establish credit facilities which revolve - usually for 12 months - enabling clients to move quickly when needed

- Most credit acceptances (with appropriate financial information held) within 48 hrs - however same day acceptances are common

- Our relationship is more of a partnership - looking at both the front and back end of financial agreements arranged


Hire Purchase

Hire purchase, also known as lease purchase is a repayment facility, where you own the asset at the end of your agreement:-

  • Fixed or variable interest options - you decide which best suits you or your business
  • Flexibility - repayments can be tailored to suit the income stream of your business
  • Tax advantages - you can claim writing down allowances and perhaps capital grants, whilst repayment interest may be offset against profits and VAT is usually reclaimable (special rules apply to cars)
  • Total control - you own the asset at the end of the agreement

There is great flexibility with this type of asset finance. We can arrange to structure the agreement in various ways, with a flexible deposit, fixed payments and perhaps a balloon final payment.


 Finance Lease

The benefits of ownership with fixed rentals:-

  • Low up-front costs - for a small initial outlay, you can use the assets immediately
  • Flexibility - rental payments can be tailored to match the income stream of your business
  • Fixed or variable interest options - you decide which best suits you or your business
  • Tax advantages - VAT is payable on the rentals, not the purchase price, while payments can normally be offset against taxable profit (special rules apply to cars)

Monthly rentals can be matched to your cash flow. At the end of the Finance leasing agreement, the assets are sold and you receive the major share of the proceeds. As the asset owner will be the finance company, they will claim the available writing-down allowances and reflect this in your monthly rentals. Another option is to pay a secondary period rental for each subsequent year you wish to use the asset


Sale & Leaseback

With sale and leaseback, you can immediately free the capital tied up in your assets. You get cash injected straight into your company's working capital:-

  • Increased company cash flow - the cash released goes directly into your business
  • Fixed monthly payments - simplify your budgeting
  • Flexible terms - choose from 2 - 5 year repayment terms

If you have purchased equipment outright but now feel the capital could be put to better use elsewhere, we can arrange up to 100% finance against assets less than 3 months old. We can also arrange advances against older assets depending on circumstances.


Contract Hire

Car or van contract hire could prove ideal for your business. You can focus on core activities, by fixing your costs and avoiding the burden and risk of owning your own vehicles:-

  • Fixed monthly payments - simplify your budgeting
  • Flexible agreement terms - variable terms and mileage
  • Vehicle maintenance option - include servicing and maintenance to your rentals and help spread the cost
  • Eliminate risk of depreciation - at the end of the agreement, you simply hand back the vehicle, subject to return conditions and excess mileage

For a fixed monthly sum, all costs except fuel and motor insurance can be taken care of in your agreement, including servicing, tyres, even the tax disc. At the end of the agreement, you simply hand back the vehicle.


Invoice Financing

Cash is King!! Company’s without it will struggle. Traditionally the bank using an overdraft has funded a company’s cash flow. But as the high street banks have restructured this facility has been withdrawn in a large number of cases and the business has had to find alternative funding to support the business going forward.

 Invoice finance has filled a large proportion of that gap by the bank owned invoice finance companies and more importantly the growing band of independent invoice financiers like Commercial Finance Direct Ltd who are not constrained by the bank underwriting process. Invoice finance covers the smallest company with a turnover of £50k per annum or less up to multi million pound turnover businesses. Raising cash flow from invoice finance comes in many forms covering many varied sectors for more information call

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